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Diy Waste Oil burner Parts for Building Your Own burner.

Welcome to our Website!

This website is dedicated to helping people convert their own Beckett burners to waste oil burners capable of burning anything from heating oil to vegetable oil. You will find parts for sale, as well as information on burner construction and diagnosis. These burners are designed around a CNC machined aluminum  preheater block. It utilizes the industry standard siphon atomizing nozzle. 



Safety Disclaimer:

We are in no way responsible for damages to you, your family, your property or anyone else’s property caused by modifying your heating system. You are doing this at your own risk. If you are not familiar with heating systems and how they work, you should NOT be trying to modify one. Please be safe and think about the consequences of your actions, insurance is not going to pay for your house when they find out your botched heating system burned it down. Even worse, you cannot bring a loved one back from the dead if something happened. Please be responsible.