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We ship by USPS Priority Mail both domestically and internationally.  Once parts are ordered, we ship usually within 24 hours (except for holidays and Sundays).

We sell three levels of kits.   

These kits  are meant to convert  Beckett AF and AFG model burners. You may be able to convert other burners but it may require welding and fabrication. Burners with a 4" O.D. blast tubes are the easiest to convert. Kit #1 is the basic kit and you will have to source the rest of the parts. Kit #2 is more complete but you will still need the air side parts and a box for the controller. Kit #3 is everything you need on the burner itself.


A few words about the new smaller heater block design.

I've had alot of questions about why i went to a smaller block. Basically i went to a smaller package so it can fit into other burners as well as shorter blast tubes. The outlets temps measured with a thermocouple and meter are easily 10 degrees hotter than the old block. The milled passages take longer to machine but result in a smaller block with better heating. Notice i said "takes longer to make" but the price hasn't gone up. The electrodes are mounted using the original Beckett mount that also serves to center the block in the blast tube. Lately I've encountered some oil (synthetic) that likes a little more heat to ignite. (200*F block temp). I've also noticed that some burners even the same model can have wildly different secondary air from the squirrel cage. Given that the block is smaller and there is less restriction in the blast tube, air control is VERY important.  I highly reccomend using a 3-5/8" Beckett static plate mounted on the electrode holder spider. Some burners may already have this.


You can purchase directly from this website by clicking on the add to cart button. If you wish to send a check or money order send payment to:

Craig Kepner
824 William ave
Westminster, MD 21157

1. Preheater block, nozzle, cartridge heater $160

2. Preheater block, nozzle, cartridge heater, digital controller, relay, thermocouple, retention head.  $320 

3. Preheater block, nozzle, cartridge heater, digital controller, relay (pre-tapped), thermocouple, retention head, blast tube, adjustable mounting flange, air solenoid, air regulator, pressure gauge, electrical box with cutout for digital controller, Pre-notched electrode holder,  fittings and wires. Everything you need for the burner itself, you will still need a float tank $650   




Float tank $205   
Complete with inlet strainer and ball valve outlet.


Float tank kit $135

All the parts you need to build your own float tank, just use your own ammo can.


Spare Parts

Siphon nozzles $24

-5 (.5gph),  -7 (.65gph),  -8 (.75gph),  -9 (.85gph),  -11 (1.00gph)

Please Select Size


Big Boy Siphon nozzles $27

 -15 (1.5gph),  -20 (2.0gph), -25 (2.5gph)  
(these require significantly more air, up to 30psi, and are very sensitive to cold oil and lift height, they work best with two stages of air, you cannot use onboard air compressor with these nozzles)

Please specify size


Nozzle replacement orings (should be changed at least once per year)  $12 for 12 orings


Cartridge heaters $32 (Please specify 4" for old preheater blocks or 2" for new preheater blocks)

Length choice

Digital temp. controller with relay and thermocouple $100 (tested, and programmed, no warranty) do not use below 32 degrees F


Thermocouple $13 (replacement with 1/4"-20 threaded end)

Retention head $55

Air solenoid $110

Air pressure regulator $30

0-30psi Air Pressure Gauge $23

Electrical box with lid and cutout for Digital controllers  $40

Blast tube with adjustable flange $45

Beckett Electrode Holder Spider  with set screw and electrode clamp $18



Beckett 3-5/8" static plate $13





Complete Burners

Convert your burner $1000 plus return shipping

Send me your Beckett model AF or AFG burner and we will convert it. No other burner models will be accepted.  Any broken, damaged, missing  or non functioning parts will be extra. (ie. motor, transformer, safety) If your burner is overly dirty, there will be a $100 cleaning charge. (you can avoid this by disassembling your burner and cleaning all components before shipping it to us.) You will need a float tank to go with your burner. If you need more than 200k BTU, please contact me before ordering.

please specify nozzle or BTU

Complete burner (used parts)$1200 plus shipping (currently out of stock)
I purchase used Beckett burners, clean, convert and test fire them. I do not always have them available so email me.
If you need more than 200k BTU, please contact me before ordering.You will need a float tank to go with your burner.

please specify nozzle or BTU

Complete burner (new parts)$1500 plus shipping
I purchase new Beckett burners,  convert and test fire them. 
If you need more than 200k BTU, please contact me before ordering. You will need a float tank to go with your burner.

please specify nozzle or BTU